CSCI 473/573: Human-Centered Robotics

This course focuses on the emerging field of Human-Centered Robotics (HCR), bridging together research and application of methodology from robotics, human factors, human-computer interaction, and cognitive psychology. This course covers basic concepts and computational models of 3D robotic sensing, robot learning and cognition to perceive humans, and understand and react to human behaviors in human social environments.

Teaching semesters: Spring 2017, Fall 2015, Fall 2014


CSCI 598A: Robot Intelligence

This course will focus on how a robot can learn to understand its world well enough to act in it, to make reliable plans, to learn from data and its own experience, and to evolve and adapt to new situations. The focus will be on computational algorithms for autonomous, intelligent operation of robots.

Teaching semesters: Spring 2015


CSCI 442: Operating Systems

All Computer Science students will have experience and good understanding of operating systems after taking this course. Relating to robotics research, my question is how to design a fundamentally different operating system for cyber-physical systems like robots that can operates both software and hardware, instead of only adding a "meta" layer on top of traditional computer operating systems, like the current state-of-the-art Robot Operating System (ROS).

Teaching semesters: Spring 2017, Fall 2016